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2023 ISEE & CEFE powered by INTERSCHUTZ - Promote the Innovative Development of Safety & Emergency Equipment Industry


ISEE & CEFE powered by INTERSCHUTZ was created by industry giants such as Beijing Safever Science & Technology Innovation Center, China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd. Integrate academic and technical forces in the field of safety production and emergency rescue, domestic large state-owned enterprises resources and INTERSCHUTZ’s global resources.

2023 ISEE & CEFE powered by INTERSCHUTZ focuses on four major aspects: work safety, comprehensive fire rescue, urban safety, and disaster mitigation, aiming at satisfying five needs of law enforcement equipment for emergency management and general administration, professional equipment to guarantee safety production and rescue in accidents, rescuing equipment for comprehensive fire-fighting teams and service-providing organs, equipment for safety monitoring and early warning in urban and rural areas, and personal protective gears for production operators and professional rescuers. All the exhibits, seminars, and trainings revolve around those initiatives and demands.

* 2023 estimated data


6 Target Fields & 20+ Accompany Programs

Leading the Supply and Demand Connection of the 4 Trillion Security Emergency Industry Market


19 Conferences
· The 2nd Forum on Intelligent Emergency Response Tech Industry Development
· The 10th Seminar on Risk Control and Hazard Inspection Treatment of Chemical Industry
· International Seminar on Comprehensive Fire Rescue Techniques and Equipment
· 4th International Symposium on Urban Safety
· The 4th Fine Chemical Reaction Safety Technology Seminar
· 3rd Mining Equipment Certification & International Cooperation Seminar with Russia
· The 7th Annual Meeting of National Ex-Products Quality Inspection and Testing Center(Tianjin)
· PPE Industry Innovative Development Seminar
· The 7th SAFER's International Inherent Safety Forum and Nuclear Power Safety Management Innovation Forum
· DEKRA Gas Safety Management Training
· Seminar on Equipment Provision for Work Safety Law Enforcement Agencies
· Smart and Green Coal Mine Safety Seminar
· Experience Sharing of How DuPont Safety Management System Being Executed in China
· 2023 Annual Workshop for Work Safety Experts Committee of Foreign Enterprises in China
· Senior Training Course for Emergency Industry Leading Talents of Peking University
· Human & Organizational Performance and Major Accidents Prevention Workshop
· Work Safety Law Enforcement Equipment Exchange Talks
· International Mine Emergency Rescue Technology Seminar
· Physical Safever Seminar

N On-site Activities
· Central Enterprise Buyer-Seller Matches
· INTERSCHUTZ Event: Sino-Europe Emergency Rescue Technology Exchanges
· Training for Work Safety Law Enforcement Equipment Agencies
· Emergency Supply Store

See You in 2023!